KEYMAN & SHAREHOLDER HQN Financial Management Limited 

This type of cover is relevant for all types of business but particularly we see a growing demand from smaller and medium sized business owners.  
This type of life cover can help ensure that a business survives the death or critical illness of a key employee. It can also ensure that funds are available to buy out the shareholding of a partner/director in the event of death. This ensures that the family of the deceased partner/shareholder obtain a fair value for the shares and also that the surviving shareholders can move on without the risk of beneficiaries of an estate having an influence on the future of the business. 


This covers a business against loss of profit, replacement costs and its liabilities if a key person were to die or  
be diagnosed with a critical illness. 


When a key person dies or suffers a critical illness they often need to be replaced. The recruitment costs can be expensive and it can take a long time. The loss of revenue caused by the disruption may hinder the business's ability to repay its loans and other liabilities. Key person cover helps to maintain the confidence of a business's customers, suppliers, and lenders. 


Shareholder protection allows for arrangements of share redistribution upon the death or diagnosis of a critical illness of the shareholder. 


All businesses should have a plan in place to determine what would happen if an owner were to die or suffer a critical illness.  
This allows the surviving shareholders to acquire the right to buy the shares so that control is maintained. 
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